Received the three-year working scholarship (2010 - 2013)
from the Danish Arts Foundation's Music Committee for
Rhythmic Music

n 2010, the Danish Arts Foundation's Music Committee for Rhythmic Music awarded Tine Louise Kortermand its three-year working scholarship – one of the most prestigious artists' scholarships in Denmark. In its remarks on the award, the Committee said:

"Tine Louise Kortermand is a gifted, original and bold multimedia artist. Song, performance and installation form a synthesis in her works, which, in addition to music and lyrics, also include video projections and theatrical performances.

Everything she does exudes a genuine and natural sense of experimentation with artistic expression. She has a liberatingly unorthodox approach to music and performance. The works take their starting-point in things which are immediate and real, such as plants, landscapes, human destinies or ancient myths; and on this basis, she spins a fascinating net of atmospheres and draws us into a surrealistic, dreaming universe."

With the three-year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation's Music Committee for Rhythmic Music, we hope that she continues her important, exciting work to the delight of the audience and a great inspiration for other artists.

Jane and the Jungle Boogie

Text by Camilla Jalving from the Magazin "VITAVRAP – lifestyle",
October 2009

The music performance is an important part of Kortermands expression.
However the kernel is to be found in the meetings, when the artist goes knocking on people's doors collecting potted plants and making people tell
about their experiences in nature. – As another anthropologist, she draws
out the world. The nature memoirs, which she collects, she transforms
into songs and music. And the potted plants becomes a concrete part
of the concert staging; Janes new jungle home.

You can with a concept from the 90ies art theory denote Kortermand
practice as relational, as far as relations between people and the social
space to which they are part of becomes her actual material ...

Jane and the Jungle Boogie
Listen to'Culture News', Danish State Radio P1 (in danish only)


SESE – Let’s Play Something Else with Someone Else

Review by Iben Friis, Fyns Amts Avis, 2 February 2009

... the kaleidoscopic cabaret is a political statement ... it is clear that the
artist Tine Louise Kortermand has added the music theater a portion of
gravity and reflection ... The videoclips are selected with a diligence that
illustrates how skillfully manipulated with pulikums feelings, when done with
an artist's experienced hand. Especially when a little boy in one of the last
clips talks theoretically about playing as a spiral rather than linear hieraric
process. Or when an old lady (Else Marie Pade) moves the pawns in her
game sampled in a version that becomes a rhythmic stomp. - It was fun.
Will you join in, she asks at the end-replication of the show. And yes please!
The invitation is hard to ignore. The whole show can be experienced as an
ebullient docu-drama set to music from an unexpected angle ...

Er den næste Odysseus en kvinde?

Is the Next Odysseus a Woman?
Review by Marianne Koch, Fyns Stiftstidende, 14 August 2004

Tine Louise Kortermand is an artist - plus songwriter, plus singer
plus photographer, plus animator, plus instructor, plus brave.
For brave you must be if you one woman alone put up to
perform 24 songs about women in a large raw storeroom in
Havnegade in Odense.

However it's fun to be here. The audience is equipped with a small
song book and a flashlight and can go ahead align themselves in large
inflatable armchairs.
What will happen?
Kortermand calls her performance "a travel narrative about how Scandinavian and European woman became modern".
But what does it mean?

The question is answered along the way in the one hour-long session.
The 3 musicians Niels Ryde (bass), Robert Rizzi (guitar and computer sounds) and Chano Olskær (drums) take their seats. The many videos
projected onto three walls turns on - and suddenly little slim Kortermand
on the floor. Dressed in adult men's jacket, tie and tennis shoes with girly knees she sings 24 most individual songs about European female terms
past, present and future.
Some are raw like the Danish Maybritt motorcycle and Finnish Marketta,
whose voice comes up in bubbles on the wall, while the sound rocks on high heels and the flowers are springing up everywhere around us.
Some are gentle like Signe who is Christian or Dagny, who loves her grandma
all performed in a mix of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

24 highly personal songs in their form, content and musical tone, carried up
by a very responsive band. However, it is something - and this is with great
pleasure to conclude that this one hour in the company of Odysseus women was a great and awesome experience.

Choose who stands in the eternal dilemma between motherhood
and career. There is no solution, but it always helps to see a woman who
dares it all with an undertone of both gentle and rough laughter –
like Tine Louise Kortermand.

Er den næste Odysseus kvinde?
Listen to "Culture News", Danish State Radio, P1 (in danish only)

Fried Eggs
– Crazy Cabaret

by Kurt Wolmar Nyberg, Performance festival Friktioner, June 2008
(Ph.D. in aesthetics, Föreningen Verkstan och Musikforum 1900-talet)

… Kortermand with a huge microphone, recording the sound scape of a frying omelet prepared by Björk Eliasson in live performance, introduced the surrealist musical and mixed media show. The show was loaded with references and complex conceptual puns going all the way back to the sixties and the Fluxus movement.

The recorded sounds of frying omelet was to appear later in the show as a composition. This kind of an artistic loop has a lot of references in surrealist music and performance art.

... Under reflection the work opens up a rift in time and space where feelings, attitudes and concepts merge and opens up the world to different perspectives.

Reviews of DEBUT CD’EN RUMSKIB s/t. Rerealsed on the american rabel
Darla Records and the Japanesse Quince Records.

" … how striking Tine Louise's voice is, even within a storm of sound; how lush and romantic the overall sound is … ”


"Her voice sounds amazing and it's such great melodies".


Review of the live concert on Roskilde Festival, pavilion junior

... Similarly, it was really interesting when the track ends were allowed to develop into elongated, whizzing ambient landscapes where Kortermand looped his voice again and again. Here seemed fusion of vocals and sound awesome ...



Spørg Oraklet


Conculting the Oracle

TV2 Fyn
(TV spot only in danish)


Nytå, CD arranged and produced by Hans Sydow

Review by Kim Skotte, Politikken, 30 December 2008

... Kortermand's stroll sweet and fiery vocal is the red thread
on the CD, and she gets good company of guests like Kenneth Thordal
and Michael K., who makes inspired New Years woo.

... Both Tine Kortermand and Hans Sydow are musical people in
a field of activity and interests that goes beyond music and into other art forms. It can be heard as many soundings on 'Nytå' that is both pop, performance and musical installation art.

... The more than 12 minutes long '2000 'committed by Louise Rosengren,
Hans Sydow, Tine Kortermand and Diane Di Prima is an experimental
and rousing tale of Millennium night, with champagne in the nose and second scattered like confetti, reveals that this collection of New Year songs in a clever and interesting ways ranging from the poem to pop songs and the rhythmic installation. '2000 'Is both artwork and an open invitation.
Laurie Anderson in Danish ...

Dukkehus med forhave

Dollhouse with Front Yard
composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears
by Marianne Koch, Fyens Stiftsstidende. May 2007

Eight members of Odense Drum Majorettes have for one week been
writting diary and training on hedge shears to play along. The reason
beeing that their diary texts and their jam on hedge shears is to be
a part of the artist Tine Louise Kortermand's hedge shears music and
libretto which she has written over the drum majorettes' diaries ...

Dollhouse with Front Yard
composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears

Peter Michael Hornung, Politikken, May 2007.
Review of the theme exhibition "Speak-up",
21 artists showing
the language in visual arts, den Fri Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen.

... Words can be both sobering and thoughtful as in Tine Louise
Kortermand's total installation "Dollhouse with Front Yard." The smell
of the earth covering the floor of the room, mingling with the light from
the sky and the sound of a critical reflecting voice ...

Dollhouse with Front Yard
composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears

Torben Weirup, Berlingske tidende, 24 May 2007.

Review of the theme exhibition "Speak-up", 21 artists showing
the language in visual arts, den Fri Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen.

... Tine Louise Kortermand's pensive work consists of a sort of house construction; a pavilion for reflection, which is precisely what one becomes aware of as a recorded voice revelate the guest in her deliberations. The French politician Talleyrand believed otherwise, that language was given to men, so that they could conceal their thoughts ...

Dollhouse with Front Yard
composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears

Portrait in the magazin "The Woman and the Society"
by Marianne Asmussen, 2008.

Tine Louise Kortermand mixes hedge shears with humor in her artistic discourse on gender, latest in her multimedia project "Dollhouse with Front Yard - composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears" ...

Equality must come from one's inner self, she says. But although she believes that the struggle for equal rights for the genders now is on a psychological level, so ends the battle for her not in secret place on the therapist's couch. It is characteristic for her artistic projects that she rather lead this fight out into the public. It is not only an individual, feminine affair but something that concerns the hole community. In the process of developing the artpiece she both involves very different people - and implement the projects, so a lot gets unexpected experiences.

If you've met Tine Louise Kortermand you will not be in doubt about what artistic drive is. With great energy and inner necessityness she leads her projects into the world. Her next project will be about the old secret Chinese female language Nüshü ...

The composition "Dollhouse with Front Yard" is an identity journey away from the silent and strange, how?
- I began with philosopher Julia Kristeva's assertion that women are aliens
in their own culture because it is defined by men.

- I therefore invited the linguist Kirsten Gomard to cooperate and give lectures on how our behavior will always be understood in relation to society's expectations about gender. I chose her both because of her research and her personal history. With her interllect and masculine appearance she felt different throughout her entire childhood
compared to the standard norms for how a girl should act and look.
- My idea was to invite different women to come and perform in the garden. Besides Gomard I invited Odense Drum Majorettes because their clothes gives a twist to women's role being a blend of the masculine uniforms and something incredibly feminine.

- The work consisted of a video installation that looked like a dollhouse
of sorts. I chose the dollhouse element, because it is an image of the traditionally defined feminine and an image of the game where the
girl can create and build a world of her own ... something new.

- In front of the house, I had planted a small garden, where I worked with various garden tools. The sounds of the garden tools generated certain
video images, lightening up the 'doll house', so it was constantly changing shape during the live performance.

Simultaneously the electro musician Hans Sydow sampled the sounds, which occurred while I worked in the garden. The samples functioned as music accompanying my singing. I asked Sydow to create a polyphonic composition for hedge shears that the drum majorettes played as accompaniment to one of my songs. Kirsten Gomard's lecture we sampled and incorporated into the music along with the sampled sounds of hedge shears, sod and lawn mover. It all became one 'body'that interfered with the usual standard norms and challenged the conventional image of the woman whom the dollhouse associated to.

- It is this complex, sampled 'body' that becomes the image of the strangeness within us, the female alien, I call it. It is the modern woman who struggles with her inner constraints; the one she wants to be, but not yet is because her cultural legacy reaction pattern drops her in the back.

- It is one of the things that many women today must overcome in their development from being wrong in their own self-perception to be correct. We fight with a strangers luggage.

Kære mor

Dear Mother!
Review of the theme exhibition "Running in the Family", INK, Copenhagen.
Information. 7 November 2002.

... Poetic and suggestive is Tine Kortermand's video Dear Mother! Consisting
of a series of small monologues from (adult) daughter to mother, recorded with a little girls voice accompanied by images of a solitary girl clustered to her telephone line as if it was an umbilical cord ...