Dear Mother


Review of the theme exhibition
"Running in the Family", INK, Copenhagen/DK.
Information. November 7th. 2002.

... Poetic and suggestive is Tine Kortermand's video Dear Mother! Consisting
of a series of small monologues from (adult) daughter to mother, recorded with a little girls voice accompanied by images of a solitary girl clustered to her telephone line as if it was an umbilical cord ...


Video (running time 10 minuttes).

Original producered for the theme-
exhibition "Running in the Family".

Camera, finalcut and underscore

Tine Louise Kortermand


Clara Qvist-Richards
Rachel Qvist-Richards

Time and place:

“Temporary Identities - digital and videoart event”
Novosibirsk Stats kunstmuseum, Russia. 2006

“Attitude - video & foto temaudstilling”
Gallery Magaza. Bitola/Macedonia, 2005.

“Indies film fes. NAGANO 2005”. Japan, 2005

”Kvinder på Værtshus”. seminar-filmprogram
Re-membering. Cinemateket, Filmhuset, Gothersgade, Copenhagen/Denmark. 2004

Theme exhibition ”Running in the Family”.
INK, Copenhagen/Denmark. 2002