Not an Ordinary Day ...
  - Conversation with cow
4 stills from the videos 'Conversation with Cow'
(Video installation and performance)

The videos shows a conversation between T and K.
The conversation revolves around how to achieve a happy yodel lifestyle by
consuming green herb cheese, produced from the milk of the world's smartest cow.

video (T's point of view)
video (K's point of view)

  A tribute to the happy life...
At the opening of the exhibition the guests were led down to the park "Munke Mose"
where they could enjoy green herb cheese and a cool beer to merry tunes from
“The Tyrolean from Funen”. - There were singing and yodeling.

  Listen and see the event in the park (1,1 Mb)   >>>

Time and place:

August 1999
Event; Folks park "Munke Mose".
Exhibition/video installation; "Huggergården", Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark.