Grass Keeps Growing

– project by Nina Björk Eliasson and Tine Louise Kortermand –

Grass Keeps Growing
Foto: Kirstine Mengel

Reggae rhythms, autonomous and
rebellious songs about the warmth,
humanity and social conditions ...

On grass grown bike Eliasson and Kortermand
appears where least expected. On the back of
their tandem they have attached a trailer with a
portable video- and sound installation. The bicycle
frame and the trailer is sown with grass seeds that
grow and sprout.

The video and sound installation serves as backing
track to Eliasson's and Kortermand's performance.
They sing about the organisation of society,
environment and living conditions – they sing about
the will to live and survive; "Grass Keeps Growing".

When Eliasson and Kortermand is not out touring
on their tandem the bike is parked on an indoor
wall-to-wall lawn. The entire set can be experienced
throughout the month of October on the sprouting
lawn in Vollsmose Cultural Centre.
And in the months of November and December in
Odd Place Exhibition Space at Odense Harbour.


Eliasson and Kortermand invade the city centre of the city. Armed with megaphones, grass men,
spoken words and songs they create a tribute to the green grass breaking through the urban crust.

Odense Harbour

Nina Björk Eliasson og Tine Louise Kortermand

Friday 5 November 2010. Hours: 16:30 - 17:30
(Eliasson and Kortermand perform on their tandem bicycle at the baseball field nearby
Odd Place Exhibition Space

The lawn- and bicycle installation can be seen and heard at:

Place: Odd Place Exhibition Space, Tværkajen 4-6, Odense/Denmark
Periode of exhibition: 5 November 2010 - 19 December 2010.
Opening hours: Around the clock (24 hours in the window gallery)

Odd Place Exhibition Space
. The window gallery is open 24 hours.
(Put on the headphones and listen to the video installation and watch the grass grow)

Height of grass in the left window after just 6 days.

Fill a pot with earth. Spread the grass seeds and add water. After 7-10 days
the grass starts germinating.


LIVE performance (see photos from live performances from different parts of the city)

Photos: Kirstine Mengel (from Odense Harbour)

Friday 5 November 2010
Opening at Odd Place Exhibition Space

Saturday 6 November 2010
Hours: 12:00 -16:00. 'Skibhusene' (in front of the shopping centres Kvickly and Bazar Fyn)

Thursday 25 November 2010 (last live performance)

Hours: 14:30 - 15:00. In front of Odense Railway station
Hours: 19:00 - 20:00
. Svendborg Culture House

See photos on Fyens Stiftstidendes website:

The window gallery is open around the clock
til 19 December 2010

Height of grass in the left window after 12 days.

Height of grass in the right window after 12 days.

When Kortermand and Eliasson is not on the road performing, the lawn/bicycle installation can be
seen and heard up til 19 December 2010 at Odd Place Exhibition Space, Tværkajen 4-6,
Odense/Denmark. Opening hours: Around the clock (in the window gallery)

Friday 1 October 2010

Friday 1 October 2010, hours: 16:30 - 17:30
(Opening speech and live performance by Eliasson and Kortermand).

Lawn/bicycle installation can be seen and heard at:

Place: Vollsmose Kulturhus, Vollsmose Allé 14, 1. sal, 5240 Odense NØ
Period of exhibition: 1 October 2010 - 3 November 2010.
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday. Hours: 10 -15 and Friday. Hours:
10 - 14

Bicycle installation and performance by Nina Björk Eliasson and Tine Louise Kortermand.
The bicycle installation is to be experienced on the germinating lawn til 3 November 2010
in Vollsmose Culture House.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Hours: 15:00

Live performance at Vollsmose Culture House,
Senior Highschool show "From opera to rap"

Allan and Jørgen laying a lawn inside Vollsmose Culture House

Height of grass after 7 days inside Vollsmose Culture House.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Hours 10:00-15:00 Vollsmose Culture House (Last exhibition day in Vollsmose)

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GRASS KEEPS GROWING is supported by: Odense Municipality CULTURE 2010