Artist, composer and singer Tine Louise Kortermand’s work is a cross-over between art and music.

Kortermands projects are a hybrid between performance art, radio theatre, video installation, concret music and
spherical voice works. She experiments with mixing alternative trends in both the art world and the music world; from the poetic to the raw, from pop culture to innovative expressions.

In her compositions, she takes as a starting point in the genre of “concrete music” - sampling sounds from everyday life and turning them into music - with references to Ambient and Industrial.

The lyrics are often written, using as a source interviews she has done with selected people. In the lyrics she examines the problems of everyday life and issues of modern lifestyle. The form and content of Kortermand’s music and singing is always driven by the catchy story - storytelling and issues of life being the principal elements of her work.
Between the humorous and the serious, and with a starting point in lives lived, she questions structures of society, traditions, behavioural patterns and sexual identity.

In order to bring the art closer to people’s everyday lives, Kortermand often invites the audience to play a more active role in the artpiece. One method being through the introduction of the art experience in non-traditional public spaces. For this work she have recieved scholarships and grants ... among others she was given the three-year scholarship from the State Denmark - Toneart Music for Rytmic Music (2010-2013).

Besides her own artwork, she has organised several projects and conferences. She has established cross-cultural organisations, worked as an art critic and freelances developing concepts and socially beneficial cultural projects.
She's been doing projects for The 2. Radio, Center for Art and Science, Odense International Musictheatre,
Naturama – nature historic museum, churches, Culture Region Funen and Odense municipality.

Kortermand performs and exhibits both in Denmark and abroad in a variety of venues including kunsthalls, museums, galleries, public spaces, project spaces, festivals and on the music scene. Besides that she has published her songs in both Japan and the USA with the duo RUMSKIB.


Up-coming projects/performances/concerts (2013-2009)

Nordic Nüshu.

First performance October 2012, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg/Denmark.
Project by Tine Louise Kortermand in cooperation with Electromusician and sound artist Hans Sydow (DK),
Church organist Nils Henrik Asheim (N), The Girl Choir from Syddansk Musikkonservatorium/conductor
Lone Gislinge and Butoh dancer/choreographer SUEN (S). Tour in the Nordic countries 2012- spring 2013
Tour in the Nordic countries autum 2012 and spring 2013, GAS, Göteborg Art and Sound Festival/Sweden,
Carl Nielsen salen, Odense Concert Hou

I'm like a Bird.
Live performance at Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde. Theme exhibition. 9 March 2012

Mopedsongs – duets for moped and vocal.

Moped performance tour on Bornholm/Denmark. 21 - 22 September 2011
Malmø and Copenhagen 23 September 2011

Grass Keeps Growing.
Mobil soundinstallation on grassgrowed bike,
28 May 2011. ACTS - Festival for Performative Practice. The Museum of Contemporary Art,
Stændertorvet 3 D, 4000 Roskilde/Denmark.

9 NAMES FROM DENMARK/9 NAVNE FRA DANMARK. October 2010. compilation CD released by Danish Arts Foundation's Music Committee. Represented with "HIM" og "Roses".

Undercurrent. Performance, video installation, elektronic music and folksongs. Magasinet, Odense/Denmark.
3 September
2010. Hours 19:30 - 20:00. In co-operation with the islandic storyteller and singer
Sigridur Oløf S. O. Eythorsdottir.

Performance, elektronic music and folksongs. Århus festuge/Denmark, Mirazozo.
4 September 2010. Hours: 17:00-18:00 and 19:00-20:00
In co-operation with the islandic storyteller and singer Sigridur Oløf S. O. Eythorsdottir.

Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Solo performance, video installation and concert.
Galleri Rasmus, Hauser Plads 14, 1127 København K/Denmark. 9 September 2010

Grass Keeps Growing. Mobil soundinstallation on grassgrowed bike, Vollsmose Kulturhus/DK.
1 October 2010 - 3 November 2010. In co-operation with the islandic experimental singer Nina Björk Eliasson.

Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Living art performance, video installation and concert. Womens Museum in Denmark, Århus/DK. Livingart projekt: 12 Ocotber 2010 - 23 October 2010. Concert: 23 October 2010
(featuring Marilyn Mazur).

Uku Maze. Studiorecordings of "HIM" and "Roses" for the compilation CD "Nine names from Denmark",
released by Dacapo/Statens Kunstfond, October 2010.

Grass Keeps Growing. Mobil soundinstallation on grassgrowed bike, Odd Place Exhibition Space. 5 November 2010 - 20 December 2010.
In co-operation with the islandic experimental singer Nina Björk Eliasson.

Jane and the Jungle Boogie.

Solo performance, Langeland continuation school for theatre, music and art, Denmark, 4 May 2010.

ART beat.
1 May 2010 festival on Odense Theatrehouse.
Screening in den røvsmalle biograf. "Sounds of everyday life". Portrait of concret- and elektronic muscian
Else Marie Pade.

Toytronica project. In co-operation with composer Hans Sydow and author Gerd Laugesen.
commissioned work, available from 14 March 2010 on “The 2. Radio” on www
Ordered by
radio producer Karsten Pharao.

Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Performance, video installation and concert. (featuring Marilyn Mazur).
Skibssmeden - Stage for new art, music and lyrics, Tværkajen 4-6, 5000 Odense Habour/Denmark.
1 December 2009. Hours: 20:00 - 21:00

Jane and the Jungle Boogie. Performance, video installation and concert. (featuring Marilyn Mazur).
Kunsthal Charlottenborg (in the fronthall), Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K/Denmark.
16 December 2009. Hours: 19:30 - 20:10

Modern Woman. Live performance and photo serie/release of the Magasin ”VITAVRAP lifestyle”.
DASK GALLERY, Flæsketorvet, København/DK, 23 October 2009.

Vitavrap live
Temaudstilling about values in life and organization of society. Release of the magazin
”Vitavrap lifestyle” – a fussion between an artmagazin and a lifestyle magazin.
Art critic Camilla Jalving contributes as writer in the magazin.
The project is organized by the artistrun projectspace GRANAT.
Place: Skibssmeden - Scene for new art, music and lyrics, Odense Habour/Denmark.
1 October 2009 - 2 October 2009

Little Darla Has a Treat for You v.27: Eternal Spring Edition.
CD release by the american Darla Records. Compilations CD with the bands under the Darla Records.
RUMSKIB represented with ”Secrets”.

Jazz elektronic festival ”Club OFF”
26 June 2009, The Culture machine, Odense/Denmark
Concrete music, video installation and performance

Tribute to Linné
Concrete music and performance. Memories of man in nature.
24 April 2009, Gallery Rasmus, Odense/Denmark

Consulting the Oracle - advices for free about all issues in life
(Poeple could call the oracle and get free advices about all issues in life. The advices was given as music and oral poetry through a 'loudspeaker-costume'). Concept by Tine Louise Kortermand. Performance in co-operation with the acustic elektro musician Kristoffer Ovesen. Skibssmeden – Stage for new art, music and lyrics, first performance,
28 February 2009.

RUMSKIB, Concert in Momentum, Theatrehouse, Odense/Denmark, 23 January 2009

Let’s Play Something else with Someone else
Commissioned work for Odense International Musiktheatre. Scriptwriter, composer, performer,
video- and sound artist. First performance 30 January 2009 – 21 February 2009, Theatrehouse Odense/Denmark.

Choosen exhibitions/projects/concerts (2008-1995)

People Garden. Interactive art project in co-operation with 'The Garden Drawers'

  Fried Eggs – Crazy Cabaret.
Co-operation with the experimental singer Nina Björk Eliasson.
”Frictions – Performance Festival”, Uppsala Kunstmuseum, Sverige.


England tour. Concerts in London, Bristol and Exeter.

Concert at Roskilde Festival, Junior Pavillion Scenen/DK.

  Fader(H)vor. Vor Frue Kirke (Night Church), Copenhagen/DK,
Song- and video performance.

Church concert for organ, computer and song.
Co-operation with the composer and elektronic musician Hans Sydow.
Revival in Odder Church.

2008 - 2007

NyX project. Co-operation with NATURAMA, Svendborg/DK.
Propose for design of the café using sound, video and light.


  EMP - Sounds of Everyday Life
Portrait of Else Marie Pade - the first danish composer of elektronic and concrete music.
Portraits - travelling exhibition in the Nordic countries, starting on Frederiksborg Slot

2007 Dollhouse with a Garden
Performance and video installation in Kings Garden, Odense/Denmark.

  Release of RUMSKIB CD on the Japanesse label Quince Records

  Release of RUMSKIB CD on the american independent label Darla Records


Speak up
Theme exhibition with visual artists working with words and music.
The Free Exhibition Building, Copenhagen/DK.


Gold and Grean Voices. Pinsefestivalen, Litteraturhause, Copenhagen/Denmark

Multimedie project (a video installation that reacts to sounds)
Co-operation with 5 composers and 5 language scientists.

  3 compositions for a science theatre show 'Magic Bullets'
Center for Art and Science, Theatrehouse, Odense/Denmark

Art, innovation, will and growth
Co-organizing Arts & Business conference, Odense/Denmark

2006 Reality 10.55, Odense new interactive relational art
theme exhibition, Kunsthallen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark
Interactiv clothing-project "Women on T-shirts" + afternoon events
"Tribute to Eight Women"

From Earth to Heaven
live performance and video installation in co-operation with concrete- and electronic
musician Else Marie Pade and Hans Sydow,
Kunsthallen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark.

KALV Festivalen, workshop – work in progress, Gjötteborg, Sweden

Nordic Voices, festival, Maribo Domkirke/Denmark

Temporary Identities - digital and videoart event
Novosibirsk Stats Art Museum, Russia.


indies film fes. NAGANO 2005, Japan

Attitude - video & photo theme exhibition
Gallery Magaza, Bitola/Macedonia

Wonders of the Pairie
Performance Festival Mannheim, Ex!t-Raum, Germany

Odense Internationale Performance Festival
Rosenbæk Huset, Rosenbæk Torv 30, 5000 Odense/Denmark

Eye Contact
18 co-operations projects between artists and people in other jobs, presented at a symposium
of 3 days. Exhibition- and Projectspace for Compemtorary Art 'Days of Art and Love',

Eve is still Picking Appels - interactive multi media project
Kogeøen - Project; Arts and Business on Funen/Denmark
Colaboration with the Thomas Kingo Church, Odense/Denmark

Moped Songs - Duet for Vocal and Moped
(moped performance)
In co-operation with the artist Vivi Christensen
(May, Days of Culture in Ullerslev City /Denmark)

Aesthetic Dope
Performance and video installation. Project in cooperation with the scientists Verner Møller,
Klavs Madsen from SDU and Center for Art and Science.
Sønderborg Castle, Riddersalen, Sønderborg/Denmark.

Too Late - performance at speakers corner.
In cooperation with the local "Working Men's Choir" and 5 women with great experiences
from living a long life. Kerteminde/Denmark

2004 On the Scent of Digital Aesthetics
Inter aktive performance- and sound installation, Office exhibition on the opening of
'Center for Art and Science', South Dansih University, Odense/Denmark. 
KontorØ11-108B-2 >>>

  Dear Mother!
Video. ’Kvinder på Værtshus’ seminar and videoscreening 'Re-membering'.
Cinemateket, Filmhuset, Gothersgade, Copenhagen/Denmark

  Moped Songs – Duet for Vocal and Moped
in co-operation with the artist Vivi Christensen.
3 weeks on moped performance tour on Funen and small islands/Denmark.


Is the Next Odysseus a Woman? – 1 hour Performance- and video installation
in co-operation with the musicians Robert Cole Rizzi, Niels Ryde and Chano Olskær
Projectspace ’Days of Art and Love’, Havnegade, Odense/Denmark

  Clothes from the House
Opening a shop with clothes of paper, with the group KlupKlup. Kings Street, Odense/Denmark

Free Food
Free Food Project, with the group KlupKlup. Grøntorvet, Odense/Denmark  Datomad  >>>


Future Body - Odense Notes
(invited by the instructor Bent Nørgaard).
Performance developed in cooperation with the scientists Kåre Christensen and
Bo Kampmann Walther from South Danish University and the performance dancer
Hellene Jørgensen. Teaterhuset, Odense/Denmark

  Modern Woman and Is the next Odysseus a Woman? 
Performance. Performance festivalerne BIPAF og KIPAF, South Korea

  AOTR - Artists on the Road
Movie- and documentary exhibition, Kunsthallen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark

  Broken Heart
Video, Moscow International Filmfestival

  Let's Go to the Other Side
Performance. (in co-operation with Vivi Christensen).
Photo Atelier Mengel, Jens Benzonzgade, Odense/Denmark

  3 Videoes
(in co-operation with Camilla Gaugler)."Mellemhallen", Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark

  Moderne Woman
Performance. "Mellemhallen", Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark

2002 Dear Mother!
Video. Theme exhibition, "Running in the Family", INK, Copenhagen/Denmark

  Is the Next Odysseus a Woman?
Performance/work in progress in the project Artists on the Road
(Performance bustour through Europe).

Performing at:
"Vor Frue Kirke" and "LAB", Copenhagen/Denmark
"Konstakuten", Stockholm/Sweden
"Muu Gallery", Helsinki/Finland
"Westwerk", Hamburg/Germany
"N/T areal", Basel/Switzerland

MC Puch
Combined periodical- and internet project. The periodical APPARATUR.

  Aber sie möchte doch so gern tanzen lernen
Performance/video. The projectspace Kaskadenkondensator in Basel/Switzerland.

2001 Woman
A video project. Kunsthallen, Købmagergade, Copenhagen/Denmark.

  Art in the Garden - "Art and Reality"
Event, sound experiment, periodical, "The Little Garden", Nr. Sundby/Denmark.

2000 Softboiled eggs for brunch, Sunday
10 posters, Fast/OBC, Odense.

  Ordinary or Essential?
Balloon message/event, Upcoming/Magasinet, Odense/Denmark

1999-2001 Many Ongoing Projects 1+2+4
A project developed by stages with turning points in the word "Female
society" - an investigation into the phenomenon "The Psychic Body");
- MOP1:Text- and video installation "The other one". Projectspace Peblinc, Copenhagen/DK
- MOP2: Performance/slideshow "Men in groups are retarded". Peblinc, Copenhagen/DK
- MOP4:Recordings for the TV-Show "Loveca tells the story of her life".
(Fellow Citizen House of Inner City, Copenhagen/DK).

1999 7 Days. 4 x 1,85 m video projection. (award by the State of Denmark - Kunstfonden).
Broken Heart - a woman becoming acquainted with purity. Video on monitor.
Exhibition of Charlottenborg (in the spring), Copenhagen/Denmark

  Not Just an Ordinary Day ...
- Conversation with cow

Video installation/happening, DFKU and Munke Mose, Odense/Denmark

1998 Du hast mich immer...nimmer verstanden
Video- and sound installation. Ministry of the interior, Kiel/Germany

Exhibitions/Projects with artist group Pussy Power (2000-1996)


2000 Founding 1996, Dissolution 2000
Series of photos. Café biografen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark
Publication of a feministic art periodical.

1999 PP no. 7
Video installation/performance, 2. performance festival,
Kunsthallen, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark

1998 Show us how to do it
(Video installation). The Free Exhibition building, invited by “Decembristerne”, Copenhagen/Denmark

  Pussy Power
Article for the periodical "Salto"

  Freak Show
Performance at Kingsstreet, Odense/Denmark

  Pussy Power Performance
Gallery Jespersen, Odense/Denmark

1997 The Pussy Power Video Commercial
1. performance festival, Odense/Denmark

  Walking with baby carriage
PP was walking for 10 days with each their baby carriage through out the country.

1996 The Pilot Project
4 Photostats (3x4 m), Randers Kunstmuseum, Randers/Denmark.
(acquired art of work by Århus Museum of Arts, Denmark).

Video/performance. Funen Museum of Fine Arts, Odense/Denmark

Performance (video documention), Rooftop of Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark


LARM (sound archive and publication)
Museum of Contemporary Arts videoteque and audioteque
Center for Danish Visual Arts data base
Search/The Danish Video Art Data Bank
Videoteque VIPER, Basel, Switzerland
Aaros, Århus Art Museum liberary

Århus Art Museum (acquired art of work),“The Pilot Project”.(4 photostates à 3x4 m)
by the groupe Pussy Power in 1996.




Cross-culturel organization for visual artists, musicians and authors.
t space for cross-cultural contemporary arts.

2007 Art, innovation, will and growth
Co-organizing Arts & Business conference, Odense/Denmark.

2003 EYE CONTACT - 3 days of art, music and debat
Organizer of project space- and debates of cross-cultural contemporary art.

2002 Artists on the Road
Performance bus tour through Europe.

1999 Peblinc
Exhibition- and projectspace, Nørresøgade, Copenhagen/Denmark.



1997 - 2001
Academy of Fine Arts / Funen, Odense, Denmark.
Media- and Graphics department /Anja Franke

1996 - 1997 Academy of Fine Arts / Funen, Odense, Denmark.
Sculpture department /Søren Jensen

1993 - 1996 College for Arts and Crafts, Kerteminde, Denmark
(Graduated in: Fine Arts. Funiture- and woodwork. Communication)

1994 ASP, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts / Prof. Rafael Strent, Poland.l

Member of

Dansk Musiker Forbund
komponistrettigheder i Danmark
Billedkunstnernes Forbund
Unge Kunstnere og Kulturformidlere
Dansk Komponist Forening

Committee work  Council for Culture Region Funen, Denmark (2008-2010)