Grass Keeps Growing

Grass Keeps Growing

Video installation and music performance on tandem bicycle.
Vollsmose Cultural Centre and "Odd Place Exhibition Space", Odense/Denmark.1 October 2010 - 19 December 2010
ACTS - Museum for Contemporary Art, Roskilde/Denmark. 28 May 2011.

On a rusty grassgrown bike Eliasson and Kortermand apears in 'Odd Places' with their mobile art- and music installation ...    >>

Jane and the Jungle Boogie

Video installation, performance and concert.
COP15 in Copenhagen/Denmark. December 2009
Womens Museum in Denmark, Århus/Denmark. October 2010.

Jane has been knocking on doors to borrow plants and nature experiences. She turned the experiences into songs. With a swinging beat the percus-sionist Marilyn Mazur accompanies the songs on pots and oil cans...    >>

Consulting the Oracle

Consulting the Oracle

Video installation, performance and concert.
Odense Harbour/Denmark. February 2009

In the acient Greece people went to the oracle in Delphi to get answers to
difficult questions in life ... On 28 February 2009 the oracle apeared on Odense Harbour, where you could get answers ...    >>
Tribute to Linné

Tribute to Linnaeus

Composition for stick insects, vocal and loopstation.
Gallery Rasmus, Denmark (Carl Von Linné theme exhibition). April 2009.

Botanist and zoologist Carl von Linné lived during the 1800s. Today he is considered the father of modern ecology ... The stick insects are displayed on a monitor during the concert, as a symbol of the creature which merges with nature in seemingly perfect harmony ...  >>

Peoples Garden


Peoples Garden

Interactive art project in cooperation with
Odense Harbour/Denmark. August 2008.

Bring a plant from your own garden and help to create "Peoples
Garden". The mission is to build a garden in one of the areas in the urban environment, which nobody has given consideration to yet ...   >>

Spejlæg – crazy cabaret

Fried Eggs – Crazy Cabaret
Performance, video installation, concrete music and songs.
”Frictions – Performance Festival”, Uppsala Art Museum, Sweden. 2008.

... are you loved? When is ovulation? Can you become what you
want to be? What excuses do you give your employer when your job
is killing you? Is hair sexy? ... and how the hell do you make an
omelette ...   >>


Dreampop & shoegaze

CD release on the north american label Darla Records and the japanesse Quince Records. Roskilde Festival 2008, England tour. Concerts in London, Bristol and Exeter ...   >>

Uku Maze

Uku Maze
Industrial dreampop

Uku Mazes liveset is based on the idea of image and music melting together in one long experience ... one song taking over the other – linked though noise and impro passages – like a stream of consciousness ...   >>

Dukkehus med forhave

Dollhouse with Front Yard
Composition for linguist and drum majorettes with hedge shears

Performance, video installation, concrete music and singing.
Theme exhibition "Speak-up", Den Fri Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen. 2007.

Dollhouse - which takes the form of a video installation - lights up and
changes along with the music. The music composed is based on the sounds
generated by working with garden tools. Drum majorettes play on hedge shears ...   >>

Women on T-shirts


Women on T-shirtsClothes Action
"Reality 10'55 Odense – new interactive relational art",
Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense/Denmark. 4 April 2006.

One day I wore a T-shirt with faces of various famous men, a boy
approached me asking, "Who is she?" ... and then he pointed at
Albert Einstein ...   >>
Else Marie Pade

Else Marie Pade - Sounds of Everyday Life

Video installation and live performance
"Reality 10'55 Odense – new interactive relational art",
Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense/Denmark. April 2006.
Portraits – travelling exhibition in the Nordic countries, starting on Frederiksborg Slot, 2007.

Else Marie Pades unusual life story and innovative music ...   >>

Artists on the Road

An intereuropean performance-exchange project. May til June 2002.

Six performance artists from Denmark, Finland and Switzerland and a filmcrew travel by bus through Europe, making stops and performances
in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Hamburg and Basel ...   >>

Er den næste Odysseus en kvinde?

Is the Next Odysseus a Woman?

Video installation, performance and concert.
South Korea, 2003 ... Mannheim/Germany, 2005

Homers ”Odyssey” was originally sung or recited to the audience by a troubadour. I've traveled around Europe praising women's achievements
and explorations of life, written 24 songs about women compiled into a new Odyssey ...  >>

Mopedsongs – duets for moped and vocal.
Moped performance tour on Funen and the islands/Denmark. August 2004

Dressed in gold we go on the road on a couple of ravaged
mopeds with loudspeakers hooked on the back of our carrier.
Our mission is to spread songs to the people ...   >>

Moderne kvinde

Modern Woman
DASK GALLERY, Flæsketorvet, Copenhagen/Denmark, 2009.  
”Break the Ice”, Performance symposium, Reykjavik, Island, 2005.
”BIPAF” and ”KIPAF”. Music and performance festivals, South Korea, 2003.

To tell about life as a modern woman ... while jumping on a bouncer putting on makeup ...   >>

Kære Mor!

Dear Mother!
Theme exhibition "Running in the Family", INK, Copenhagen/Denmark. 2002.
“Indies film fes. NAGANO 2005”. Japan, 2005 ...
Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Russia. 2006

Monologues from (adult) daughter to mother, recorded with a little girl's voice accompanied by images of a solitary girl clustered to her telephone line as if it was an umbilical cord ...  >>

MC puch

Collection brand- and sound project for the magazine APPARATUR, vol. 2., 2001

Download 8 collection brands with images of MC-, moped- and scooterdrivers. Print the collection brands and paste them into
your own magazine   >>

Samtale med verdens klogeste ko

Not just an Ordinary day ...

Video installation,"Huggergården", Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense/Denmark and event in the park "Munke Mose",1999.

Conversation with cow ...   >>





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